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Hi Jason Rain here, a freelance designer. I was born in Uttrakhand , I went Gujarat for studies when I was 5. Not much of family person since then. My dad was an army  office who fought in Kargil and for many more year served the nation.

I was academically challenged, kind of still am LOL!. Was never a good at sketching but I some how grew fond of letters since I was in school. My books used to be filled with drawings and letters instead of notes :).

I did diploma Civil Engineering and in third year studied in Arena  Animation Academy for a year.

Started working at 19 as a Logo Designer. People who changed my life: 1. Raju Sandhu      2. David A Smith    3. Jessica Hische   4. Sagmeister and Walsh    5. Gemma Obrien    6. Paula Scher

Three companies (Mid – logo designer, MNC (Vistaprint)- as a production artist, startup- as a visual designer/UI), 5 years and a self learning journey.

  1. To inspire the young creative minds.
  2. To have my own clothing line.
  3. To educate about design to under development and developing countries.
  4. To give back to the community.
  5. To change the way designing is perceived.
  6. To someday provide scholarships to talented students.
  7. Open my own learning space.
  8. Working with my idols and creative like minded people.

Moved by my story, now check out my work Portfolio